Labs, Organizations and Consultants

Once you have solidified a product concept, there are many labs, organizations, and consultants available to help you incubate this idea and formulate your final product. These entities support "good food" product development ranging from culinary and food science labs to foundations and networks in the academic and industry worlds. 


  • Drexel Food Lab: "a faculty-mentored interdisciplinary food product design and culinary innovation research lab solving real-world problems in sustainability, health promotion and access"
  • Cornell Food Venture Center "Provide assistance to ensure safety and stability of food products entering the marketplace"
  • Eurofins: Provides a "unique range of analytical testing services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental and consumer products industries and to governments"
  • Invisible Sentinel: Lab testing services in food, beer, wine, and cannabis
  • EMSL Analytical, Inc.: "Provides testing services, sampling supplies, test kits and building inspection tools to identify microbial and chemical exposure risks following storm damage in residential, commercial and institutional properties."
  • Rutgers Innovation Center: "supports established early stage entrepreneurs and existing food companies from concept to commercialization... [providing] business, marketing, food safety, product design and scale up expertise within FDA and USDA certified facilities to help companies successfully build and grow their business."



These consultants are experts in a range of fields; from food science to FDA-compliant labeling. They can be helpful to contact with specific questions, challenges, or requests. 

  • Kantha Shelke: Author, educator, and food scientist "who expedites new product and technology development int he food and nutrition sector."
  • Lauren Swann: Nutrition communications, food & nutrition labeling consultant, writer, registered dietitian at Concept Nutrition, Inc. 
  • Catapult Consulting: Co-packing headhunter, food science R&D
  • Rodeo CPG: "For brands in need of a trusted partner to help with their product development, operations, or retail sales"
  • Cohere: "Specializes in design-forward branding and marketing for hospitality"

Certain guidelines must be followed in order to widely distribute a food product. The guidelines span disciplines including food safety (see Operations page) and dietary guidelines. 

Dietary Guidelines


Once you have a finalized food product, follow the FDA's Food Labeling Guide to ensure the labels on your packaging are appropriate and compliant with FDA standards.

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